Find the motif

During summertime, productivity can be slightly reduced in the studio and work-in-progress-paintings can rest for a while, but instead I am inspired by nature and to find new places to visualize on the canvas later on.

Phones today have quite powerful built-in cameras that goes a long way when it comes to taking reference pictures, then of course it’s an advantage that it is something that is always at hand.

I have noticed that it is usually a better approach to get out for the sake of the nature instead of the hunt for the motif. When all the focus is on finding the “right” motif, it rarely appears, but when the focus is instead on experiencing a place, the motif usually appears completely by itself. Something psychological that I cannot control I guess.

Another thing that fascinates me is how a place can change so much in different lights and therefore be able to be portrayed in so many different ways. If you then add seasons as a variable, there will be an infinite number of potential motifs to paint from the same place. I have some favorite places I often visit where the motifs come to me in different ways.

Enjoy nature!