About me

 Erik Björkland
Härnösand, Sweden


In my career as an illustrator, graphic artist and animator, I have worked digitally to convey messages, in my role as an artist I am instead more free to convey a feeling instead of concrete messages.

My art is mostly about positive vibes originating from nature.


Frequently asked questions

For how long have you been painting?

In some form, art has always been a part of me. As far back as the memory goes I have drawn, like most children, but it just never faded away and has been a good company both during my upbringing and further into adulthood.

Drawing and painting have helped me through difficult times as a child, while growing up and into adulthood by focusing on positivity, as a lever for something that pushes one down. When I started painting more and more in oil in my teens, colors and light became an important ingredient in the motifs. My art has developed and lives with me quite simply, it has made me who I am today.

Why oil paintings?

The properties of the oil suit me and my way of expressing myself. I have tried many techniques, but the oil just obey me, does what I want it to do. How the colors feel on the palette, how it mix and the possibilities that come with the long drying time. Doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.

Do you do commissions?

It happens, but only a few every year at the moment, and depending on the motive.

What are the motifs you paint?

I mosly paint nature motifs from the areas around the High Coast of Sweden, my local environment quite simply. I take my own reference photos for the paintings, this is not only for copyright purposes but also for me to understand the place, experience it to better represent my version of it on the canvas. Exceptions can be made for certain commissions.

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